Sensing Evolution

Discover some of the most important ideas in the theory of evolution with TV’s Steve Backshall and Professor Alice Roberts in a treasure hunt-style trail around Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

Sensing Evolution presents the Museum in a new way, using the gallery displays to unlock crucial ideas about evolution: how does life adapt, how does it change, and how did we get to be here at all?

Inside the Sensing Evolution app you will find:

  • Two levels of trail: Discover, presented by Steve Backshall, for children aged 8+ and families; and Investigate, presented by Professor Alice Roberts, for teenagers and adults
  • Display-related content introducing some key ideas in the theory of evolution, including natural selection, sexual selection, heredity and genetic variation, fossil evidence, and more
  • Information designed for school groups and general visitors, with links to national curriculum themes on evolution (schools can book an education session and borrow the Museum’s iPads)
  • Multiple choice questions pick up important ideas in the videos


If you want to use the app outside the Museum, unlock codes are available for download here.

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Sensing Evolution icon

Look for this symbol
around the Museum
to unlock new videos.


Watch the introductory videos from Steve Backshall and Professor Alice Roberts:



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