Robert Douglas

Role Description

Rob manages the Diptera and Aves collections. He also assists with the management of the Hemiptera and small orders collections. 

Rob facilitates access to the collections by answering enquiries, dealing with loan requests, and hosting visitors. He also works flexibly on a number of curatorial projects across Life Collections – which encompasses all zoological materials.

In addition, Rob is the IPM coordinator for OUMNH; monitoring the Museum, providing IPM training, and fielding all IPM-related enquiries.


Summary CV

Rob first started volunteering at the Cole Museum of Zoology in 2015 whilst studying for a BSc in Zoology at the University of Reading. His work here focused on the re-curation of the Mollusca collections. After graduating, he went on to work as a Collections Assistant at the Portsmouth Natural History Museum where he contributed to several large projects including the re-curation and re-housing of the Herbarium. During this time, he began to specialise in entomological work, focusing on the digitisation and re-curation of the H.L.F. Guermonprez entomology collections, and developing a particular interest in Coleoptera and Lepidoptera collections.