Megalosaurus and the Incredible History of British Dinosaur Discoveries

Join acclaimed palaeontologist, author, and TV presenter Dr Dean Lomax as he takes us on a journey through millions of years, revealing the amazing dinosaurs that once called Britain home.

From the Isle of Skye and the Isle of Wight, some of the world's most sensational dinosaur discoveries have been made right on your doorstep. Celebrate the discovery of Megalosaurus in Oxfordshire – 200 years after it became the first scientifically-described dinosaur – and learn about two centuries of dinosaur science.

Includes a Q&A and book signing with Dean.

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About the Speaker

Dr Dean Lomax is the author of multiple books including the only book dedicated to British dinosaurs, Dinosaurs of the British Isles, which is celebrating its tenth anniversary. He is best known for co-hosting the primetime TV series Dinosaur Britain.

Like many people, Dean's passion for palaeontology stems from a childhood fascination with everything dinosaur. His career has taken an unconventional route – without the grades or finances to study palaeontology at university, Dean sold his possessions at age 18 to find a trip to excavate dinosaurs in America, and immersed himself in research, as well as writing scientific papers and books. He has since become affiliated with The University of Manchester as a ‘Visiting Scientist’ in 2013, eventually completing an MPhil and PhD. He hopes that his self-taught success helps inspire others from disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue their dreams.


Dean Lomax with a partially-excavated dinosaur limb bone

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