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Placer Platinum-Group Minerals in the Shetland Ophiolite Complex Derived from Anomalously Enriched Podiform Chromitites

Investigating monomineralic and polymineralic reactions during the oxidation of sulphide minerals in seawater: Implications for mining seafloor massive sulphide deposits

The influence of spreading rate, basement composition, fluid chemistry and chimney morphology on the formation of gold-rich SMS deposits at slow and ultraslow mid-ocean ridges

Evidence for As Contamination and the Partitioning of Pd into Pentlandite and Co plus Platinum Group Elements into Pyrite in the Fazenda Mirabela Intrusion, Brazil

The Distribution of PGE and the Role of Arsenic as a Collector of PGE in the Spotted Quoll Nickel Ore Deposit in the Forrestania Greenstone Belt, Western Australia

Distribution of platinum-group elements in magmatic and altered ores in the Jinchuan intrusion, China: an example of selenium remobilization by postmagmatic fluids

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