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The apparatus composition and architecture of Erismodus quadridactylus and the implications for element homology in prioniodinin conodonts

Dhanda, R, MURDOCK, D, Repetski, JE, Donoghue, PCJ, SMITH, P

Experimental analysis of soft-tissue fossilization: opening the black box

Purnell, MA, Donoghue, PJC, Gabbott, SE, McNamara, ME, Murdock, DJE, Sansom, RS

The impact of taphonomic data on phylogenetic resolution: Helenodora inopinata (Carboniferous, Mazon Creek Lagerstätte) and the onychophoran stem lineage.

Murdock, DJE, Gabbott, SE, Purnell, MA

Decay of velvet worms (Onychophora), and bias in the fossil record of lobopodians.

Murdock, DJ, Gabbott, SE, Mayer, G, Purnell, MA

Functional adaptation underpinned the evolutionary assembly of the earliest vertebrate skeleton.

Murdock, DJE, Rayfield, EJ, Donoghue, PCJ

Evaluating scenarios for the evolutionary assembly of the brachiopod body plan.

Murdock, DJE, Bengtson, S, Marone, F, Greenwood, JM, Donoghue, PCJ

The origin of conodonts and of vertebrate mineralized skeletons.

Murdock, DJE, Dong, X-P, Repetski, JE, Marone, F, Stampanoni, M, Donoghue, PCJ

Cutting the first 'teeth': a new approach to functional analysis of conodont elements.

Murdock, DJE, Sansom, IJ, Donoghue, PCJ

A 17-element conodont apparatus from the Soom Shale Lagerstätte (Upper Ordovician), South Africa

Aldridge, RJ, Murdock, DJE, Gabbott, SE, Theron, JN

Ontogeny and microstructure of the enigmatic Cambrian tommotiid Sunnaginia Missarzhevsky, 1969

Murdock, DJE, Donoghue, PCJ, Bengtson, S, Marone, F

Evolutionary origins of animal skeletal biomineralization.

Murdock, DJE, Donoghue, PCJ

A new tannuolinid problematic from the Lower Cambrian of the Sukharikha River in Northern Siberia

Kouchinsky, A, Bengtson, S, Murdock, DJE
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