Eileen Westwig

Email: eileen.westwig@oum.ox.ac.uk 
Phone: 01865 272 978
Twitter: @eileen_westwig

Role summary

Eileen’s core responsibilities include overall collections care and curation; helping with exhibitions and public enquiries; overseeing volunteers and researchers; and handling loans for the Department.

She is working on a major long-term project to integrate the KE-Emu collection-based database into the daily operations of the museum. This will support many wide-ranging areas of her job, such as the invertebrate spirit collections move and upgrade as well as reducing the museum’s backlog.

Eileen also participates in special presentations and events, representing the museum at conferences and workshops, and enjoys public engagement opportunities.

Her main area of expertise is zoology, with a focus on mammals and other vertebrates.


Eileen grew up in Leipzig, Germany and studied Biology at the Humboldt University of Berlin. After graduating with a Master’s degree in 2003, she went on to work in the Department of Mammalogy of the American Museum of Natural History in New York. At the same time, she taught an undergraduate biology course as an adjunct professor at Baruch College.

Eileen joined Oxford University Museum of Natural History in 2017 to help oversee and manage the important and extensive zoology collections.

In her spare time Eileen loves traveling, running marathons and spending lots of time with her dog Izzy out in nature.


Ronacher, B.; Westwig, E. and Wehner, R. 2006, Integrating two-dimensional paths: do desert ants process distance information in the absence of celestial compass cues? Journal of Experimental Biology, 209: 3301-3308.

Featured projects

  • KE EMu migration project. 2017–.
  • Armadillo blogpost. December 2017.
  • The Big Count: Size estimation of the Museum's zoological collections. 2017.
  • Cuckoo blogpost. 2018.
  • Move and re-curation of the Museum's invertebrate collections. 2018–.