Mystery at the Museum

Steve Backshall in torchlight investigating the Mystery at the Museum

A door creaks. The circle of torchlight swings around the exhibition hall, picking out ribs, a spine, rows of teeth in its beam… Hang on – what’s this – an empty showcase...?

Join wildlife presenter and explorer Steve Backshall on a hunt for a missing exhibit in this unique live-streamed, interactive puzzle challenge! 

Devised by Steve Backshall and escape room creators Agent November, Mystery at the Museum will take you on a virtual behind-the-scenes adventure through the spectacular building of the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. Help Steve solve a series of puzzles to save a missing museum specimen, learning about the natural world along the way.

Mystery at the Museum is an interactive online event for people of all ages with a passion for the natural world. The event is free to attend, with donations going towards the Museum's HOPE for the Future project.


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HOPE for the Future

Mystery at the Museum is free for all to attend online, and is designed to raise funds for the Museum’s ambitious HOPE for the Future project, which is preserving the 200-year-old Hope entomology collection. You can find out more, and make a donation here. Designated by Arts Council England as being of national and international importance, the Hope collection contains over 1 million British insects, from butterflies and beetles to flies and fleas. Under the HOPE for the Future project, insect-related teaching, outreach and events will inspire a new generation of scientists and increase public awareness of the climate and biodiversity crisis.