An Evening with NASA Astronaut Tony Antonelli

Get ready to be starstruck as NASA astronaut Tony Antonelli shares his journey to becoming an astronaut, and discusses the challenges of human travel to Mars.

Join us on an intergalactic adventure as we hear from former NASA astronaut Tony Antonelli and ISSET director Chris Barber! 

Tony Antonelli is a space veteran who has piloted not one, but two space shuttles to the International Space Station during his out-of-this-world career. Tony will also be tackling the latest question in space exploration: what are the challenges of human travel to Mars?

Includes the opportunity to handle meteorites under the dinosaurs. 

Tickets are £12.99 each. Please make sure to book in advance.


About the Speaker


Tony Antonelli is a NASA astronaut and a Navy Commander and Test Pilot. He is a distinguished graduate of the US Air Force Test Pilot School and has piloted over 3,200 hours in 41 different aircraft. As a NASA astronaut, he flew two missions to the International Space Station and has spent over 24 days in space. Tony has won multiple awards for his exceptional achievements and led a team developing space vehicles for moon missions, deep space exploration, and Mars journeys at Lockheed Martin.

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